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Typesafe Logging

Problem One of the common sources of runtime errors in C++ comes from using the good old vararg function types -- printf() or its variants. The problem stems from type mismatch between the type specifier in the format string and the actual arguments supplied to match this format string. Though most of the present-day software do not employ the printf function for user interaction, a variant of it is quite heavily used -- sprintf()  for outputting log messages. Often log messages are written in response to an error condition and formal testing does not always simulate all the possible error conditions which means some code goes untested. Also, log messages typically have an associated logging level which is usually set to a medium value by default. Testers often do not set the logging level to the lowest possible level before embarking on the testing process meaning that messages at the lowest level are also not exercised during testing.  Another real-world situation is when the r