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Play youtube videos on Raspbian using omxplayer

This is a follow up post to the original one made by Jojen on setting raspbian to use omxplayer to play videos embedded in webpages. This yields much smoother playback on raspberry PI as omxplayer is built to use the PI GPU rather than software emulation. BTW, some blog posts might suggest that you can install gnash and its browser plugin, but since it's not hardware accelerated, I found it's performance to be simply non-acceptable. So if you stumble upon those posts, you might as well save yourself some time and not go down that path. Back to Jojen's post. Everything in the post works as it says it would, including playing the sample video the link to which he has at the bottom of his post. The trouble starts when you try to play youtube videos. I found this was due to two reasons: Incorrect permissions on the script Midory user addon Javascript failing to detect video links since youtube as has changed the relevant div tag id The problems