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Django Localization Issues and Solutions

Django has excellent support for building a multi language multi culture application. However, there are a few interesting bits about its implementation of the internationalization feature that can prove to be minor annoyances in truly localizing yoru web based application. This post aims to discusses these issues and highlights the solutions for them. It matters where you run 'makemessages' command from The core command that prepares the application for localization,  makemessages  can be launched from two locations and depending on where it's launched it behaves slightly differently. The command can be launched from project root folder or from an application folder. If started from the project root, it attempts to extract all the localizable strings from all installed apps and put them in the  *.po  file. However, if started from an application subfolder, it only extracts the strings from that application's files. The key issue here is that  makemessages  wo