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Notes of the day

A recent project requirement from a customer for a cross-platform solution prompted me to look into viable frameworks for this. Based on my knowledge of languages (C++, Python & Javascript), I narrowed the potential solutions to wxWidgets & Git Electron. Since I have been spending some time with Python over the last two years and given its ease of use, I through I'll look into wxPython, the Python projection of wxWidgets framework. Here are my notes from this research today morning: wxPython provides a genuine means to build cross platform GUI apps (installed through PyPi pip install wxpython ). Python code can be compiled into distributable binaries using cx_Freeze , another cross-platform tool that can generate binaries for Windows, Mac & Linux. cx_Freeze can provide executable files as well as installable binaries such as MSI or DMG files. cx_Freeze source repo has sample code for various deployment scenarios. One of them is wxPython based application. Py2Ex