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Ionic 4 HTTP CORS Issue

Ionic 4 is a major upgrade to previous version of Ionic . One of the primary differences between Ionic 4 and its previous incarnations is that Ionic 4 uses web components , which are custom HTML elements written using web standards (as opposed to using a slap-on framework such as Angular). Ionic 4 also makes a fundamental change in how the created app is rendered (I use rendered as apps are essentially HTML which is rendered using the native WebView control of the device's UI framework) in a device. While earlier versions used to refer to the top level index.html using file:// URI scheme, Ionic 4 internally spins up an HTTP server on localhost (yes for each app) and then loads the index.html through a standard HTTP request such as http://localhost:port/index.html. Problem I'm not sure what necessitated this change, but I reckon it probably had something to do with native API restrictions, which in turn was prompted by need for improved security. This, however, introduc