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  • Highly skilled large-scale software architect/developer, with deep experience on multiple operating systems and software genre, spanning two decades.
  • Unique software business management experience, having founded a software product start-up and bootstrapping it through to becoming a sustainable business.
  • Solid experience in leading software teams and software product management life-cycle.
  • Solid background in modern O/S system architecture; kernel mode and user mode programming.
  • Proven track record of architecting complex multithreaded distributed software applications involving several independent, but collaborating components.
  • Deep understanding of modern software engineering processes such as Agile/Scrum.
  • High level of proficiency in C/C++/STL with a clear understanding of the language fundamentals.
  • Sound knowledge of Python/Django/HTML and web-based application development.
  • Good instinctive sense for high-technology and its potential, relevance & applicability.
  • Effectively multilingual – proficient in English, Chinese and multiple Indian languages – with excellent communication skills and strong professional network.


Advisory Software Engineer, IBM, Taiwan

Jun 2010-Mar 2016

Job Scope

  • Technical Lead for the Server Protection for Windows a host only software security suite consisting of network protection (IPS), event monitoring, file monitoring and application control. Product is typically deployed by customers for FIPS compliance.
  • Responsible for overall software design & maintenance, team management, Agile planning, interfacing with key customers
  • Provide technical insight to sales/support and input to management on enhancements and associated risks/benefits

Key Achievements

  • Designed and implemented the Text Log Monitoring & Application Control features -- only two new features to be added to the product since 2010.
  • Convinced management the necessity to re-factor specific areas of the code; refactoring resulted in significant performance improvements and substantial reductions in post-release defect rate
  • Initiated and led quality improvement efforts where many long-standing complex critical issues were identified and resolved, improving product stability.
  • Planned and executed technical knowledge transition program to product support partner

Co-founder/Director/Chief Application Developer, Junglebyte, Singapore

Jan 2000-May 2009

Job Scope

  • Co-founder and principal application developer of Junglebyte Teach, a computer based software only interactive training software consisting of features such as desktop sharing, remote control, audio conferencing, push video multicast, file transfer/distribution, interactive chat/whiteboarding, etc.
  • Designed and developed the entire software and all its features, architecting it into distinct functional components split into front-end and middleware service components.
  • Involved in all aspects of business management such as formulating business strategy, product planning, release management, hiring, customer interactions(private as well as public), government tendering & financial management

Key Achievements

  • Designed & developed the application software from scratch and its subsequent three versions, incrementally adding feature set to be on par and often surpassing competitors.
  • Developed a reliable UDP transport for control signaling (employing combination of cumulative ACK and NAK).
  • Streamlined release management automation, integrating building, testing and package generation.
  • Worked with key customers identifying their requirements and customizing the software to their unique needs.
  • Setup business process and support infrastructure, hiring and coaching support staff.
  • Negotiated reseller/distributorship agreement with international business partners
    Co-worked on proposals for public tenders, making live presentations, leading to eventually winning some RFQs. Notable clients: Ministry of Defense & Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • Designed and executed international exhibitions, including planning the floor space, delivering the pitch and following up with leads.

Senior Engineer, Creative Technology, Singapore

Aug 1993-Dec 1999

Job Scope

  • Develop device drivers for the company's various multimedia products.
  • Initially part of the OS/2 team responsible for developing various utility tools and the device driver for company's sound cards
  • Subsequently part of the graphics team tasked to develop display driver for the new in-house chipset

Key Achievements

  • Re-architected audio device driver for new driver model in OS/2 Warp; driver was included in the OS golden master CD, only one of two such drivers included; effort acknowledged by IBM.
  • Ported company's state-of-the-art waveform audio technology driver to OS/2; adding this driver support to OS/2 required custom multimedia widgets not supported in the base OS at that time; developed these native GUI custom widgets and shipped them along with the driver package.
  • Ported the x86 audio driver to Windows NT on PowerPC reference platform; this was part of a joint effort between Microsoft and IBM to bring WindowsNT to new PC architectures.
  • Led the Windows device driver team for company's in-house graphics architecture initiative.
  • Ported MPEG-2 decoder middleware to Linux and developed native GUI allowing hardware assisted playback of MPEG-2.

Analyst Programmer, Syspro Systems, Singapore

Feb 1992-July 1993

Job Scope

  • Develop software to meet clients' needs outside of the COTS accounting solution.
  • Solutions developed using Clipper sometimes interfacing with COTS using its C library.

Key Achievements

  • Developed a C based graphing library; interfaced the library with Clipper to render graphical charts.
  • Independently developed data-driven menu system with built-in access control mechanisms; the system was eventually licensed to an ISV for integration into a banking solution.