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  • A Simple C++ Class Framework for Services -11 June 2014

    Windows services are background programs that form the backbone of many software solutions. This article explains a simple C++ class that abstracts the structure and behavior of a typical service program thereby allowing code re-use.
  • Adding Timer Support to WaitForMultipleObjects API Wrapper - 10 January 2014.

    This article extends the wrapper developed in the previous article to include support for Win32 timers.

  • A C++ Wrapper for WaitForMultipleObjects API - 18 December 2013.

    Explains a C++ wrapper that employs a combination of function templates and class templates to ease the use of Windows API WaitForMultipleObjects (or any of its variants). This is the first article in a two-part series. Part II will discuss how to add support for Win32 timers into the same class, resulting in a powerful framework that can form the backbone of a service or any background process.